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Anson Lam


Anson Lam, a Hong Kong-based photographer, excels in capturing portraits, landscapes, and events. Anson completed his education at Diocesan Boys' School in 2021 and currently pursues studies at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.


With a photography journey spanning since 2017, Anson has documented major sports and music competitions, showcasing his skills and versatility. In 2019, he assumed leadership roles as the Chairman of the Diocesan Media Group and Photography Team. Moreover, Anson played a pivotal role in the Promotion Team at the Diocesan Boys' School Centre For Further Studies, primarily focusing on photography and website responsibilities in 2019 and 2020.


In July 2019, Anson established his Instagram page (@ansonhk.jpg) to exhibit his photography highlights and artwork, enabling him to express his passion and joy through the lens.


In 2022, Anson embarked on his first solo venture, Anson Lam Photography. Specializing in portraits, landscapes, and events, the company aspires to deliver top-notch quality and professional services.


In 2024, Anson rebranded his venture as ALive Vision, embodying authenticity, luminary, and visionary elements to produce compelling imagery.

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